Sunday, 4 May 2014

Latest Mi1.5 modification

I've been working hard in my spare time on my backyard milling setup to learn how to make the parts I've been drawing in CAD. I'd love to be able to just load it into a CNC mill and watch the fun but that's not likely to happen for a while. 

Its taken a bit of time to set up everything to be accurate enough and learn what can and can't be done. Its been rather annoying to learn that the X-Y vice I ended up having to buy isn't anywhere near square and I am having to make up ways of overcoming this. Despite this I've managed to get it to 0.03mm accurate which I can't complain about too much, all things considered.

First bit made was the long planned mount to fit a Mi5 spur/belt pulley to my Mi1.5.  It was a pretty simple design with a piece of 6mm aluminium with a 5mm steel shaft made up from an old M03 Mini gearbox shaft. It took a bit longer to get the shaft right as I had a few issues drilling a hole in the center of it and then I broke the thread tap trying to cut the thread for the mounting screws. However it all came together - 

First impressions are that the fiberglass (sorry - S1) chassis may flex a bit too much with the original mounts removed. I may have to make a 2nd version with a supporting leg running out to the side to help reduce flex. Also, I may need to move the mounting point for the shaft forward slightly to ease some tension off the front belt to free up the drive line a bit more. 

Unfortunately club racing was cancelled so my intent to get it on the track and running are on hold. I might bite the bullet and buy a 13.5 and take it down to Logan in a couple of weeks.

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