Sunday, 6 April 2014

Pretty pictures

To post something a bit more focused, here are a couple of pics of the CAD work I have been doing on the pod for my 1/12. 

How far I could go was dictated by wanting to use the suspension hardware from the donor F109. The ride height is adjustment was inspired by the CRC design but taken in a slightly different direction to make it easier to make, considering I am making it all myself. I have also redesigned it to take advantage of easily available metal stocks, again to cut down on the amount of machining. Does make me wish I had access to a CAM mill though.

Ride height has been lowered so I can use procut foam tyres (Jaco etc) with a bit of adjust-ability. Its actually less than what would normally be available by using the original offset inserts but it should work for testing. Once I have the parts in my hands I may be able trim bits here and there to get more adjustment.

Motor has been moved slightly forward and slightly to the left to allow for the bearing holders. I am hoping this doesn't affect handling to much.  There is still a bit of work to do with lightening the motor mount but can't rush these things...

Given that this is based on a F109 F1 pod I could always use it for a basis for an F1 chassis, but I need to find a reliable source of CF sheet before I could consider that.

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