Tuesday, 3 September 2013

QLD Titles Prep - Part 1

Things are off to a flying start. I've already finished the rear suspension/pod for my scratch built 1/12 and I am starting to work on a few options for the front suspension. Batteries, body and 1S booster will be ordered this week and hopefully I can have a complete rolling chassis by the end of next week.

I have manufactured myself into a bit of a corner with the rear suspension. While I am extremely happy with the way it has come together, to save money I have used most of the parts from an F109 donor car. This means I am currently stuck using Tamiya/F1 rims on the rear and this means I am needing to cut down rims and tyres to get the car to fit the rules. Its all fine and dandy until discovering that its much harder (read - almost impossible) to buy unmounted foam donuts these days compared to in the past. I have a few sets of 3Racing wheels and tyres which SHOULD be a decent starting point (approximately 30 rears and 35 fronts) but I don't have anywhere to go from there. I could try buying some of Tamiya's foam tyres for their 1/12, the RM-01 or possibly some of their F1 foams but its hard to find info on how they compare to other brands.

There are a few other options but, as this is a extremely low budget project, they would have to be considered a last resort.

I'll post a few pics of the rear pod mods when I get a chance...

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