Friday, 12 July 2013


Still not a lot to share at the moment. 

Managed a club race day - F1 was still an also ran but at least there was 3 of us this time. The other cars were both F113's running Ride R1's. It was interesting to watch them go around, but they were not as quick out of the box as the one I saw at the interclub, and both times it was the first time on the track for the cars. I won't try and make concrete suggestions as to why, but I would suspect it was the tyre choice and possibly because it was very cold. The concrete track is quite grippy but doesn't impart any warmth as the cars circulate. I noticed this last time when I tried warmers and the tyres came off after a run almost stone cold.

The Asian On-road Championships have been run and won. The majority of cars were Tamiya F104 variants, but a few of the other brands were represented. I really wanted to attend this event but it just wasn't to be. Given my current feelings on the the whole control tyre issue for F1, its probably best I didn't go. I don't seem to have any problems making myself unpopular even when I try to stay out of RC politics, the last thing I need is to start discussing something I have a bit of passion about.

Finally, parts are starting to dribble in for my various projects. I should be able to put my Mi1.5 together this weekend, but I won't get another chance to put it on the track until August. I really do need to find somewhere close by I can take my cars for a run. As for the F1 I am still debating whether to keep it simple and just make a narrower version of the standard layout front end or go for something more challenging. Since the last time I wrote anything I've realised I will have to move the servo as well and make my own steering system - something I wasn't counting on. I still a couple of more weeks to make up my mind and then we shall see.

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