Friday, 19 April 2013

The things we do - F1-09 Pod Modification

I've spent most of my spare time this week getting my F1 ready for the Logan interclub round. This has mostly involved replacing a few worn suspension pieces, glueing tyres, and fitting a new Speed Passion 21.5. This is where the real fun started.

Now I have nothing against SP products. I've used one of their ESC's on and off for years and have been using their motors in my occasional forays into mod tourer. However, they tend to have a touch of individuality about them and this is most obvious in their wiring on their motors. Unlike most brands that group the 3 connection at one point of the motor, SP decided to place them individually at 3 points around the circumference. 

Unfortunately this prevents the motor from fitting into the original F1-09 motor pod. With little time and no extra cash available to source a different brand of motor some modifications were required.

Original pod plate - this is the non-motor side

Modified pod plate - not quite a rough as it looks in the picture
Fortunately the F1-09 has a full top plate as part of the pod so there shouldn't be, and so far there doesn't appear to be, any extra flex. It does allow much more room for motor wiring, which inversely allowed me to run shorter wires. Rather than having to run the wires out through the top of the pod I can now run them out along the side. This doesn't interfere with the action of the rear suspension either.

Only a couple of days left to see how it goes. There isn't a huge field (9 cars at last count) but the names entered represent some high quality drivers.

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