Thursday, 21 February 2013

Well that was fun...

Its been a while and there are so many reason for it I am not going to list them all other than to say that from the 28th December 2012 until the 2nd February 2013 I lived all of a travelers worst nightmares, all at once.

As you can imagine that means I haven't been up to much racing wise. I've been checking out the local hobby shops and some of the local racing though I still haven't actually gotten to a race day yet. I was hoping to check out the off-road club this coming weekend, but due to after affects of Cyclone Oswald, the showgrounds where they are located are still without power and toilets, so they may have to postpone things. The next on-road meeting is coming up shortly so I will attempt to get to that. I may even try some racing. I've decided the Brisbane based clubs are just a little too far away, especially as the majority now appear to run at night. A 2 or so hour drive home that late at night doesn't excite me as much as it once might've.

If I DO race the trusty F109 will be in LM mode, possibly even in GT mode as I picked up a Protoform Sophia body for a bit of a laugh. Not sure how well it will fit on an F1 chassis but I am up for finding out, especially if it means I can keep racing while I sort out a budget for the next year. That's right folks! The trip was so horrendous it took out all my play money for up to another 3 months, and that's far too long to not be racing. The local guys sound like the might be a bit flexible so can only wait and see.

I also WILL get around to finishing my post on the RSector wide conversion for the F104. I re-read it and I am probably more negative about it than I mean to be. Its not as "bad" as I was making out.

Is it just me or have Tamiya rattle cans become ridiculously expensive?? Or are some hobby stores gouging the hell out of us with some of their pricing?? With a new body on the way and not sure of my supplies I grabbed a few cans while I was scoping out one of the local hobby stores. My jaw not only dropped but almost dislocated as the total came to $48 for 3 CANS!!!! The damn body only cost $39!!  

OK - I am getting used to a lot of hobby shops NOT pricing things like paint individually and, OK - a couple of the cans are the more "trick" colours that Tamiya produces but even the normal can of Black was $12! Showing my age again, I can remember when cans of polycarbonate paint were $6-8 and its was considered expensive THEN! Especially as you could rock on down to the local Supercheap or Repco and buy cans of the Powers Plus touch up paints (which worked great on PC bodies as long as you did the prep good) and you got at least twice as much paint for a similar price. Maybe its time I brush up on those air brushing skills?

 Keep on racing...

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